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Choosing the best method to update your kitchen

Redesigning and remodelling a new kitchen can be very expensive, even for a small kitchen renovation.  Many of us want to get the most for our money, so as homeowners, that could mean considering other options, instead of opting for a completely new installation. Here are three great options:-

Cabinet Refinishing   Kitchen Cabinet refinishing is probably the cheapest way to update your cupboards. By sanding down and adding a new fresh coat of paint or varnish to your existing frames, doors, and drawers, will greatly enhance the overall look of your kitchen while retaining the original layout. Adding new handles and drawer pulls will add the delicate finishing touch.  This is an excellent option for those on a low budget, as the only expense comes from the materials needed for to carry out the work, plus labour.

Cabinet Refacing   You may want to consider this method, if your doors and drawers are worn and damaged and can’t be reused. This process involves removing and discarding the old doors and drawers and fitting new replacement doors. Several online companies provide a large selection of kitchen replacement doors in different styles and colours, so have a look online for great ideas and inspiration. Refacing is more expensive than refinishing, but cheaper than a completely new installation. Simply choose the doors and drawers you require and once they have been delivered to your home, they are ready to be installed.

Cupboards Replacement   If you want to change the current layout of your kitchen, then cupboard replacement is probably the best option.  In order to carry out this work, you may require a kitchen designer to help determine the new layout. A completely cupboard replacement can be expensive, as it depends on how many pieces you are purchasing and the types of materials you want to use. This process of replacing cupboards also takes longer and could lead to some disruption.

A reputable company who specialises in professional home renovation can generally offer expert advice. On viewing your existing cupboards, they can tell whether resurfacing, refacing or replacement is your best choice. Choose to work with a company who can guarantee you a successful renovation.