Considering a Kitchen Makeover?

Considering a Kitchen Makeover?

When faced with the decision of having your kitchen renovated, you may want to consider the option of replacing just the kitchen cabinet doors.  This is an ideal way to spruce up your existing kitchen, while keeping the cost low.

The two main techniques used in kitchen replacements are refinishing and refacing.  These can be applied to your existing cabinets to give a nice, fresh, clean and modern look.  Here’s how it works:

Refinishing basically means sanding or stripping off the old existing paint or varnish and applying a new, fresh, clean coat.

Refacing is about replacing just the fronts of your existing cabinets, for example, the doors and sometimes, if necessary, the fascias. The existing cabinets simply remain where they are, especially if they are in good condition and fit well in the space.

To complete the new look you should also consider kitchen accessories such as hinges, handles and drawer pulls.

With replacement kitchens it is possible to achieve that modern look for less, with doors and drawers in every style,. Shape and colour that you can imagine.