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Going DIY versus Getting a New Replacement Door

So you have repainted your old kitchen door several times to give your home a little makeover like what many bloggers say. At first it gives you some kind of satisfaction for a seemingly well done job, just to find out you’re having a hard time to fit the door back into its casing. The next thing that can be done is to call a professional to help you out, after being exhausted of checking whether the hinges were aligned or not. This situation could have been prevented had you decided to use replacement kitchen doors in the first place.

The common misconceptions about getting a new door are:

  • They are expensive – this is not always true. There are stores which can send you a modest door at a practical price.
  • They are impractical – you are not disposing your old door for nothing. You get a new and more functional one; saves you more maintenance expenses.
  • They kill creativity – not all DIY projects are creative or practical.

Going DIY seems to be the coolest trend these days. Everyone wants to do everything on their own and expect professional results. But the truth is, DIY bloggers are actually experts on their own fields and readers, who don’t have actual experience, can’t just do most makeovers perfectly the first time.

Your kitchen space, as small as it might be, should not be belittled. Getting replacement doors for your kitchen is even more practical because it saves you time from installing it, saves you from the heartache of poor results, and gives you more confidence and ease of use.

Stop worrying about your expenditure. Even when you spend some amount on getting akitchen makeover, you can still get some of your money back. Your old door can be sold at online second hand markets. Those DIY people would hoard great finds just like your door which they can transform themselves.