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How Kitchen Makeover Deals with Low Home Valuation

Let’s say you live in an area where most homes are mortgaged. Did you know that this can actually contribute to a lower real estate valuation compared in other areas? This means that if you are planning to sell your home any sooner, you probably won’t be happy with how much it’s worth. But in many instances, a kitchen makeover can actually help.

Everyone would want a very comfortable home to move into. The first thing that most home sellers do is to repaint the walls and make them look like they are brand new. Part of the preparation is to apply some wall putty with the intent to hide scratches, cracks, dents, and even holes before coating each wall.

It sounds like there is a lot of hard work that should be invested to mend things in your old home. It could be overwhelming to the point of forgetting to fix some kitchen units.

Most female buyers would actually look into two things first⎯ the kitchen and the bathroom. Male buyers, on the other hand, would look at the garage. Though male buyers have the purchasing power, females have a lot of ‘say’ for the purchase. So you need to please both.

Consider the changes that your kitchen might need. This could include replacing cupboard doors, fixing some broken tiles around the sink, or refinishing the worktop. As much as possible make everything functional as if you are going to buy the home yourself. These are good points that you can actually discuss with your broker.

Having a kitchen makeover may cost you some amount, which is not necessarily that big, but the investment pays. You will have a higher chance of selling your home at a higher price compared to how your neighbourhood is being valued.