How to have a new kitchen - at a sensible price

How to have a new kitchen – at a sensible price

There couldn’t be a more simple and cost effective way to renovate a kitchen.  Kitchen replacement has become one of the most popular resources for those looking to restore their kitchen by opting for affordable replacement kitchen doors.

Replacement kitchens simply means, replacing the front end elements, such as the cupboard doors and fascias, if necessary, of an existing kitchen. While the back-end, the cabinets themselves remain in place. This incredibly effective approach to refurbishing and renovating a kitchen has the potential to give you that look and feel of a modern kitchen, at a significantly reduce cost than re-modelling and re-fitting the entire room.

One such company,, has been making replacement kitchen doors for over 28 years and is the UK market leader. Founded in the early 1980s, The Doormaker’s concept of made-to-measure replacement kitchen doors has simply transformed kitchen design. Even in our current market downturn, the company continues to go from strength to strength. Their main focus is solely on producing high quality, handcrafted kitchen doors and drawer fronts in a variety of styles and finishes. They are renowned for offering a wide range of quality products, coupled with an outstanding level of customer service.

On The Doormaker website, which is located at, you will find a comprehensive range of products on offer.  Their made-to-measure kitchen doors inspired by natural wood are hand painted to give that exquisite final touch. Together with a wide range of kitchen accessories, worktops and appliances, your kitchen can be transformed at a fraction of the cost of a complete new refit.

For those who are looking to replace or refurbished their kitchen, I recommend you seriously consider Every consumer is guaranteed an excellent quality product, supported by years of in-depth knowledge and experience, and at a price that offers outstanding value for money.