Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Their Types and Qualities

Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Their Types and Qualities

Kitchen cabinet doors are the faces of the essential space in any kitchen, behind which lie a useful storage area for the many ingredients and utensils. Kitchen cupboard doors are made of hardwood, laminates or wooden ply and even glass; they can be plain, decorated or painted.

Types and their individual qualities

Some types of kitchen cupboard doors are listed below:

Thermo Formed Vinyl Doors are made of durable material and can be cleaned easily. These are long lasting and can be easily installed. They come in different colors and are reasonably priced. Thermo formed material has high thermal resistant power.

Mitered Polyester ones come in a range of cherry colors like – bourbon cherry, choco cherry, cream cherry and tobacco cherry. These have five layers of polyester wrapped mitered configurations; the high thermal resistance power makes them heat and cold proof. The grains on this material resemble that of natural wood and the surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

The traditional wooden cabinet doors in the kitchen are now styled in various ways – square top, crown top, double crown top, arch top, double arch top, and shaker style. These come in raised panel, flat panel, glass frame, and frames with mullions and are made of oak, cherry or maple wood, the surfaces of which can also be painted.

Kitchen cabinet doors give a personality to your kitchen, so choosing the right type enhances the very room where your family may spend a lot of time together. Moreover, it is important that they retain their new-look for quite some time. Another important factor is that they are easy to clean.